The OK Club

For now, The OK Club is a space for positive thoughts and affirmations for creatives.


WildCraft : WildLight

WildCraft Studio School offers workshops for adults in contemporary craft practices, studio art, plant medicine, and land-based skills. During the Fall of 2016, I was a textile intern at their studio based in Portland, Oregon, where I, along with another intern, prepared and participated in workshops, as well as assisted the teachers, if necessary. Additionally as a textile intern, I began a tapestry weaving project with the other interns, where we naturally dyed fibers by way of gathered harvest from the school's garden in White Salmon, Washington, and used a floor loom to weave nine tapestries. As their seasonal internship is unpaid, I used the opportunity as a means of learning as much as I could learn in a little bit of time. By trading effort for experience, I measured my own true work. Along the way I had documented my experience by taking photographs of x, y & z, and sharing on this blog: 



In 2014, I was inspired by a friend's photography project when she took a picture everyday for a year and shared it via Facebook. At the time I was writing everyday anyway, but there was something to the sharing of a project that excited me in its exploration of commonality, dialogue, and community. Upon conception, my 365 project worked as a personal practice of writing while in dialogue with visual stimulation.  In combining poems with artwork (of others, credited, or my own), I intend for the conversation of inspiration and collaboration to continue.

Albeit slowed, the project remains. Tune in periodically for its stream.